The project will develop the following Intellectual Outputs:

1. Handbook on current professional English requirements for partner countries

2. Framework for a curriculum for professional English for employability

3. E-course for professional English for employability

These intellectual outputs are all linked by necessity. The result of the research produced in the handbook will inform the development of the framework for a curriculum which in turn will influence the contents in the E-course.

IO2 and IO3, will be developed into two versions, the second one being an improved version of the first, having taken into consideration the feedback received during the piloting phase, and then version two will be finalized for each during the improvement phase. The first and second versions of IO2 and IO3 will be produced within the time frame specified in the ‘Intellectual Outputs’ section below, and in accordance with the attached project timeline.

The expectation is that on completion of the project, members of the direct target group (unemployed learners) involved in piloting and those reached through a widespread dissemination strategy will increase their professional English skills and thus boost their employability.